Clock Oakland 70cm

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  • Material: Metal, Mdf
  • Size: 70x70x2
Crafted through the use and combination of two material components, it is no wonder that the Clock Oakland 70cm possessive such aesthetically charged appeal which would be perfect to incorporate into modern, minimalist and traditional themed décor. It is crafted in a spherical shaped form using specially engineered medium density fibreboard material and high quality metal material which serves as the clock hands.
Made in a fairly large sized spherical shaped dimension which measures 70 centimetres in length, 70 centimetres in width and 2 centimetres thick, the Clock Oakland 70cm is beautifully crafted in a simplistic design which would look gorgeous in every spatial setting where it may be used. It is made in a user centred design as it can easily be hung on walls. The clock is painted in the combination of black and white palette which will blend in easily with every other colour and décor. The clock is told in boldly written Arabic numerals.

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