Box Fancy Felines

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  • Material: Linen
  • Size: 15x16x8.5cm
Solid in its build, pretty in its print and delightfully simple yet the right combination of design for a great utility for all who like to keep things well organized. Here is a little box with latch to allow safe keeping and while hard at work its delightful printed linen exterior will add the zest of colour and a cheery kind of air to the space. Dainty, compact yet solid and reliable.

When it comes to keeping your small possession, what could be better than a solid box that will store all your little treasures that tend to be damaged lying around or too open to prying hands and fingers. Make your dresser top look extra special with this delightful little case crafted from MDF and covered in printed linen for that extra touch of elegance. The latch will firmly shut the lid that opens smoothly and is held aloft without falling backwards with its ribbon anchor. The size of the box makes it the kind that you could carry with ease on your travels or keep it atop any table. The simple single compartment case is a great means to give your trinket collection a safe storage. All of 15 cm in length and 10 cm in width, it's a compact and delightful little piece that blends a modern chic look with practical functionality.

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