Soap Love You Mum Sunshine

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The floral splash of yellow on the top of the box sends the message of freshness and summer sunshine with a mild spring fresh fragrance that wafts long after your bath time is over-what could be more delightful for that one lady who fills your life with the same kind of sunshine and love. This superbly packaged giftable soap is the perfect choice for those occasions that need not always be an anniversary but will still be a very good day to show your love albeit in small kind of way.
Giving a special little gift does not always need an occasion and this soap is just one such plush little gift that will bring much joy to that special someone. Made from quality ingredients that are perfect for giving relief to dry skin it brings with its super soft emollients that will soften the skin while cleansing it gently. The mild perfume it has will last for long and will be retained by the sap itself till the very last wash you have with it. The soft creamy lathering will make bath time feel super luxurious. Triple milling means less fillers and more purity- a tried and tested means used by the French to make their soaps more skin friendly and pure. Comes boxed so perfectly that it looks like a gift anyway.

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