Soap Nana Paisley

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Express your love with small little gift options that will make nana feel special in a truly special kind of way - after all who does not like gifts that will help make her feel pampered. Made from high quality ingredients to give her a truly luxurious bath time, this triple milled soap in creamy white colour is a great means to make her feel special.

The cardboard box has a pretty paisley design on it - the length all of 9 cm and about 6 cm in width, the soap sits snugly inside - curved and oval. The fragrance is truly heady - floral and the kind that lifts your mood. It will last for as long as the soap is used. The beauty of its soft oval curved shape and the fragrance rising with its mild intensity each time you decide to use it. The moisturizing property of the soap will be the perfect skin relaxant that will give this sheen of comfort on the skin. A perfect means to get Nana feel pampered. You could in fact add a few more of these and present her several kinds of differently packed soaps that any way make such an attractive gift for anyone.

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